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I am a one desk approch!

Updated Wednesday, August 19, 2009
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I am an Auctioneer, a personal property Appraiser and a Realtor. By combining the power and insights of both fields I and the team I work with can help you in multiple ways.

Let's say you and your spouse live in a unique home, it's paid off and you're both retiring. You've done well for yourselves and money isn't really an issue.

You have a shared dream that you've thought of for years - buy an RV and travel wherever the road takes you!

Though you may eventually come back this way you'd sooner not store any furniture or contents and would rather just sell the car/boat/tractor and not be tied to anything and avoid having the associated costs and worry.

Now... what to do.?!.. have I got you thinking about what's next?

All you really want to do is be on the road already and now you've got all these resposibilities to deal with.

-A traditional listing and sale for your unique or waterfront home could take a bit of time.

-Sure the car dealer will buy your car back but they're buying it to sell again and the offer though good will be based on wholesale price guides. A end user can typically outbid a dealer beacause they don't have a glass ceiling.

...But that's just two items. Main items, but still that leaves in some cases literally hundreds of things in your home.

Some things, say for an example, the collection of vintage tin toys and trains your relative gave you could be worth a substantial amount of money. You may have had an idea that they were but with all the things you have to contend with you may be tempted to just donate them along with other all the other things you're not needing anymore. I am a strong advocate of donation to the community but this situation is an opportunity for you to donate dollars instead!

Instead Think Auction! On one day, say 30-40 days after a contract is signed and an auction listing is done a huge event could take place right at your property.

As for the Real Estate, the marketing is intense, with open houses and broker participation your house is at the forefront of the marketplace. A multiple bid situation is apt to take place. A sense of urgency is on the potential buyers minds - it's now or never to buy this home.

On Auction day it's not just your home that they have gathered for - think of all your personal property! The tractor is fairly new and a quality manufacturer advertised in the Auction ads always draws a crowd. The same goes for your car, boat, toys and other desireable contents of your home. The stamp and coin collection will bring those buyers out as well.

A diverse selection of all your possessions will be sold. Some more general items or items of modest value will sell in groups or lots.

Before you know it, there is a massive crowd gathered under the shade of the pop up tents, folks are registering to bid, the catering fundraising truck for the Rotarians is a buzz of activity, people previewing the items and one last tour of the house is happening!

The optics of this are incredible. All the bidders see each other - the stamp bidder looks like compitition to the tractor buyer and so do the folks who are there to bid on your home! Even the the 'just curious/not a buyer' looks to the rest as a force to be reccond with.

 What it will accomplish in that one day is everything in a nutshell and it all started with one phone call to yours truly.

- The two of you have avoided all the hassle and stress of trying to sell your items privately (or even price them).

- By having a competitive bidding environment and a well done marketing campaign you are assured or current market value for what is sold. Yes some items may sell for less that you thought but the other things that you weren't really thinking about just sold for more that you would have ever thought.

You'll be on the road in no time at all.

If you would like to add to this or ask me for further information please call me at 735-2525 or toll free 1-877-636-5399 or e-mail

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