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Stay in your home with modern advancements AARP Link from Shawn Gannaw Prudential Senior Real Estate Specialist

Updated Friday, December 10, 2010
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Follow this link for a great article on the future and current products designed for safe stay at home! (copy paste it into your browser)

 This is a really insightful article (just insert Canada for United States depending on where you live ;-), here's an excerpt:

More aging-related technology will be incorporated into almost every aspect of people's daily lives and will change the experience of growing old, both inside the home and outside in the community, predicts Majd Alwan, vice president of the Center for Aging Services Technologies.

The new technology occurs in the face of conflicting trends: an aging America—the last boomer turns 65, and one of every five Americans will be 65 or older, in 2029—soaring health care costs, a growing shortage of professional caregivers, and older adults' continued desire to live in their own homes.

"All of the studies show they want to age in place," Jeffrey Rosenfeld, a Hofstra University gerontologist, says of seniors. "People are putting technologies into place now that are going to help them."

Thousands of products already in development will make older Americans' activities simpler and safer. The idea is to help people stay involved in their communities, says Rosenfeld, co-author of the book Home Design in an Aging World.

Elder-friendly homes will likely incorporate robotics, mechanical helpers that move around the home like much-improved and more useful Roombas—the robotic vacuum sweepers. They'll operate in combination with domotics, or home automation, the wired sensory framework of the home itself; a house will "know" whether its occupants are at home or out, for example.

"We're going to move into an era of smart residential technologies and homes," says Rosenfeld.


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